Tournament Forms
Tournament Sanction ApplicationWord DocPDF
Prize/Award List ReportWord DocPDF
Tournament Manager’s ManualN/APDF
Affiliate Registration / Participation Fee Payment FormN/APDF
Association Forms
Officer and Director Reports *Word DocPDF
Supply and Inventory Reports *Word DocPDF
Participant Remittance Form for Leagues *Word DocPDF
Participant Remittance Form for Additional Bowlers *Word DocPDF
Purchasable Supplies Order Form *Word DocPDF
League Kit Forms
League Sanction Application *Word DocPDF
CTF Registered Participant Application - 1 per pageWord DocPDF
CTF Registered Participant Application - 3 per pageWord DocPDF
CTF Playing Rules & BylawsN/APDF
League Officers’ ManualN/APDF
Notice of League AnniversaryWord DocPDF
Purchasable Supplies Order Form *Word DocPDF
Award Forms
Special Achievement Application Word DocPDF
Honour Score ApplicationWord DocPDF
Centre Certification Forms
Summary *N/APDF
Centre Certification Application *Word DocN/A
Re-Inspection Application *N/APDF
Lane Dressing Inpsection Report *N/APDF
CTF Lane Inspection Manual *N/APDF
SAFE Scholarship Forms
Scholarship Policy *N/APDF
Scholarship Agreement *Word DocPDF
Recipient Form *N/APDF
Request for Scholarship Funds *Word DocPDF
CTF Youth Scholarship Application *Word DocPDF
Financial Report *N/APDF
Miscellaneous Forms
Canadian Record Score ReportWord DocPDF
Bowler of the Year ApplicationWord DocPDF
CTF Hall of Fame NominationWord Doc
CTF Hall of Fame NotificationWord DocPDF
Notice of Hall of Fame Induction *Word DocPDF
Hazel McLeary Leadership Award *Word DocPDF
CTF Director ApplicationN/APDF
Why Should I Join CTF *Word DocPDF